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Barcode Scanner No Working FAQ

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China Shenzhen DYscan Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Barcode Scanner No Working FAQ
Latest company news about Barcode Scanner No Working FAQ

Q1: Why is the scanner device not powered?


1.1 Power is not connected.

1.2 Fuse blown

1.3 Scanner power circuit failure


Q2: How to set up the barcode scanner?

A: Under normal circumstances, it has been set up for you. The general steps are as following:

Set All Default,At this step it is enough, but it may need to do the following work:

1.1 Add a suffix:Enter

1.2 Set the barcode you recognize

1.3 If it is a serial port scanner, you should also set RS232 such as communication rate, check digit, etc. according to the corresponding port of the host.

1.3 If it is a serial port scanner, you need to run the corresponding serial port driver all the time.


Q3: Why barcodes cannot be read?


1.1 There is no function to read this barcode.

1.2 The bar code does not conform to the specification, such as the lack of a necessary blank area, the contrast of the bar and the space is too low, and the width and width of the bar and the space are not suitable.

1.3 Direct sunlight, the photosensitive device enters the saturation zone.

1.4 The bar code surface is covered with a transparent material, and the degree of reflection is too high. Although the eye can see the bar code, the collector has strict reading conditions and cannot be read.

1.5 In case of hardware failure, contact your dealer for repair.


Q4: The LED is not lit, there is no beep, no laser.


1.1 The scanner is not powered, the scanner is not powered or the data cable interface is loose, and the contact is poor.

1.2 Check the scanner wire to ensure that the computer is powered properly and the data cable is reconnected to the scanner once.


Q5: The scanner scans, the beep is normal, and there is no data transmission.

A: The scanner is not set correctly; the wire is broken. Refer to the instruction manual to ensure that the settings corresponding to the corresponding data lines are correct.


Q6: After the serial cable is connected, there is no data transmission in the reading code.

A: There is no serial port mode or communication protocol error. The scan serial port mode is set to serial port mode and reset to the correct communication protocol.


Q7: The scanner reading code is normal, but there is no beep.

A: The setting is muted.




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