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Do you know China "New four great inventions"?

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Good quality Wireless Barcode Scanner for sales
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Do you know China "New four great inventions"?

Do you know China "New four great inventions"?

Do you know China "New four great inventions"?

The "four major inventions" in ancient China refer to papermaking, compass, gunpowder, and printing. Everyone knows very well, but what are the "new four major inventions" of modern China? Let’s get to know it.
The "new four major inventions" of modern China were evaluated by some foreign media: high-speed rail, Alipay, shared bikes, and online shopping. When you mention these four inventions, you have to mention Ma Yun(Jack Ma). Let's take a look at  these four inventions.
China High Speed Rail
The birth of high-speed rail in China has greatly shortened the time for our people to travel, and the contribution of high-speed rail is very large and has a great impact. High-speed rail is also a new kind of power, further improving human productivity on the basis of trains. With the popularity of high-speed rail, his convenience and effectiveness have become more and more prominent.
Although there are many online fast payment methods, such as WeChat, online banking and other new payment platforms, it is only Ma Yun grabbed the opportunity, the first to use a third-party platform to pay. Ma Yun is also very caring for all Alipay users - in the Yu Ebao, you can also save money, more affordable than the average bank savings.
Shared bikes
Sharing bike is a big life benefit for the Internet. It is expected that the number of users in the shared bike market will continue to grow substantially in 2018, reaching 50 million users by the end of the year. Sharing bike shortens the time for citizens to travel in a city. In today's cities, shared bicycles have improved a practical solution that can be exercised during commuting time without pollution.
Online shopping
Online shopping is another benefit of the Internet. Mentioned online shopping, I have to thank Ma Yun, he created China's first online shopping platform - Alibaba, and later he created Taobao, Tmall Mall, so that our people can stay at home, you can buy cheaper goods than the physical store .
Although China has invented more things, the Internet has become one of the most successful technological revolutions in the 21st century. Its significance and value have surpassed the value of the Internet's terminal computers and become the technological leader of the third industrial revolution. It is not surprising that foreign media have been invented for the four major inventions.


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