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How to choose a good barcode scanner?

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How to choose a good barcode scanner?
Latest company news about How to choose a good barcode scanner?

How to choose a good barcode scanner?



Q: How do you distinguish between different scanners?



For the barcode scanning system, the resolution is to correctly detect the width of the narrowest stripe read. English is MINIMA LBA RWIDTH is abbreviated as MBW selection device, not the higher the branching rate of the device, but the better The bar code density used in the specific application is used to select a scanner with a corresponding resolution. In use, if the resolution of the selected device is too high, the stain on the bar, deinking, etc. will have a more serious impact on the system.


Scan depth of field

The scanning depth of field refers to the difference between the farthest distance that the scanning head allows to leave the appearance of the barcode and the closest point of the scanner to the appearance of the barcode, that is, the effective working range of the barcode scanner. Some barcode scanning devices do not give a scanning depth of field indicator in the technical index, but give a scanning distance, that is, the shortest distance that the scanning head allows to leave the appearance of the barcode.

Scan width

The scan width indicator refers to the physical length value of the bar code information that the scanned beam can read for a given scan distance.


Scanning speed

The scanning speed is the scanning frequency of the scanning beam on the scanning track per unit time.


One recognition rate

The ratio of the number of labels read in the first scan and the total number of scanned labels, represented by the first recognition rate. For example, if the information of each bar code label needs to be scanned twice, the recognition rate is 50% from the practical application point of view. Of course, it is hoped that each scan can pass, but unfortunately due to various factors. Impact, requiring a recognition rate of 100% is impossible.


Code error rate

The code error rate is an extremely important test indicator that reflects the misidentification of a machine-recognizable tag system. The bit error rate is equal to the ratio of the number of false recognitions to the total number of recognitions. For a bar code system, the bit error rate is a more serious problem than the low recognition rate.


Q: What are the commonly used barcode reading devices? What are the characteristics?

A: Generally, it is divided into red light and laser. The red light gun has a relatively short reading distance and cannot read a bar code larger than his mouth.

Laser gun, scanning distance is relatively long, you can read large bar code, high-density bar code, ordinary bar code, scanning speed is faster, the most popular on the market is the application of bar code laser gun, the price can answer the phone to consult us.


Q: How many types of barcode scanners are there?

A: According to the bar code type, it is a one-dimensional bar code scanner and a two-dimensional bar code scanner; a one-dimensional scanner cannot scan a two-dimensional bar code, and a two-dimensional bar code scanner can scan a one-dimensional bar code; The one-dimensional scanning gun is divided into a laser scanning gun and an iris scanning gun, and the two-dimensional barcode gun is an image scanning; all barcode guns support barcode scanning of different code systems.


Q: Classification of barcode scanners.

A: CCD scanner and laser scanner


Q: Features of the CCD scanner

A: The price is low, it belongs to the low-end products, and the scanning distance is short, so you can directly read the Chinese postal code. There is currently a long-range CCD that compensates for the short scan depth, but the price is higher, between the CCD and the laser scanner.


Q: Features of the laser scanner.

A: The scanning speed is fast, the scanning distance is long, the bit error rate is low, and there are many kinds to meet different needs. It is divided into gun type, platform type and ceiling type, belonging to medium and high-grade products.


Q: The interface mode of the scanner

A: Keyboard interface mode, serial port mode, TTL mode.

Keyboard interface mode: The data obtained by scanning the barcode is directly input into the computer via the keyboard interface. The advantage of this method is that no driver is required, the operating system has nothing to do, and it can be directly used on various operating systems without an external power supply.

Serial port mode: The data obtained by scanning the bar code is input by the serial port. It needs to be driven or directly read the serial port data, and an external power supply is required.

TTL mode: The scanning bar code obtains the TTL level, and further development of decoding and other circuits is required, and it cannot be directly used.



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